Flash Mob Deaf Cricket

On 24 August, 2019, Flash Mob/Demonstration Program- Deaf Cricket was organized by National Cricket Association  of Deaf-Nepal, Member organization of National Disability Sports Network Nepal (NDSNN) with the supported of Parasport Denmark(DSOD), collaboration with NDSNN and NSCISA.

Altogether 14 players participated in the program. The flash mob program was conducted in Basantapur Durbar Square Kathmandu, It is situated in the historical city and the middle of the Kathmandu valley to attract people and make them aware about deaf Cricket.

There was a huge crowd saw the persons with disability playing the game with such high enthusiasm and motivation which most of them hadn’t seen before. For the knowledge of the audiences, rules of the game and its history were disseminated through the loud speaker. There were some inquisitive people who made a detail inquiry about the game as well.

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